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We convert old leaky homes into efficient, 
healthy, and comfortable




Don't miss the hierarchy of home comfort. The most important energy guzzler on the list is air leakage (cold/toasty and conditioned) air leaving the structure.). The second most important is inadequate insulation. if attic insulation is be, Bo's has the equipment, expertise and experience to outfit any structure with any insulation on the modern market. (Fiberglass, Cellulose, Spray Foam, Mineral Wool etc..)


Bo's always seals every accessible penetration leading to the interior from the attic with spray foam, addresses each and every soffit vent to ensure proper ventilation and likes to put in extra material to account for settling, all completely complimentary with attic insulation.


Air sealing is a must when it comes to an energy efficient home. This can cut down on dust, save you up to 30% of every dollar spent on conditioned air, prevent roofing issues (ice damming), cut down on air born pathogens, provide cleaner air quality, and prevent your attic from sucking your conditioned energy through the penetrations leading to the attic.


Wall insulation is a Bo's specialty. We offer this service at an extremely competitive rate while not compromising on a quality finish. Whether you have a custom home being built and you want the highest quality insulation, or you have an existing home that needs retrofitted, Bo's is the company to call! 


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Nick with Bo's Insulation handled our job timely and with utmost professionalism. A year later we had heat and air people in the attic and they even mentioned what a good job we had on the insulation.
Highly recommend.

Richard W.

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